2012 : The great beginning of the the new chapter of my life

It’s been year 2013, year 2012 has been passed. I have so many great experience in 2012 that I never get before. 2012 is the beginning of the new chapter of my life after I graduate at the end 2011. it’s look hard at the beginning (january), I have an unstable mind to choose where I must going after graduate. I did not apply for a job to many company, only a few companies that caught my attention. It’s not about money (salary), it’s easy to find the company which have big salary such an oil company, but that’s not my point. I am looking for a company where knowledge that I have learned can be useful and I could enjoy working there.

In the end of the 2011, I apply an activity called “Indonesia Mengajar”, it’s 1 years program to teach elementary kids in underdeveloped region in Indonesia. If you read my blog in january 2012 you may find my post about why I apply this program. I pass the first selection and go the next test called “Direct Assesment” which held at the end of january 2012. “Indonesia Mengajar” it’s not the only way I choose for my future, in the middle of january 2012 my friends told me about job vacancy in companies that I might like. maybe he’s right, when I see the company profiles, I’m interested to take the job vacancy. So I apply for that job. It’s surprised me, it only took 3 days from signing up until I receive my work. Of course, I take the test and interview, but it’s only takes 1 days. I receive that job before “direct assessment” test of Indonesia Mengajar. I have to choose which way I must take, the job or Indonesia Mengajar. It’s difficult, I want to take two of them but I only can choose one. With numerous considerations, I choose the job.

Even though I have decided to choose the job, I still want to come to “Direct Assessment” test of Indonesia Mengajar. I come to the “Direct Assessment” test and meet with other participant. Direct Assessment, this is one of the great experience I get in 2012. I meet many great people with passion and dreams, really happy, have no regret to come on that day.

February 2012, I have finally got a job. My first task is went to Sebatik Island. I went together with chinese people who was employee of one of our supplier. this is my first time I went to Borneo (Kalimantan), the first time to take care aircraft departures by my self, the first time a guide foreigners, the first time ride a speedboat, this is great experience.

March until December 2012 there are so many experience but it’s too long to write all of them in this post so I will review all of them in a simple.

batu atas

Until 2011, the only place I have ever visited outside Java Island is just Makassar, South Sulawesi. but in 2012, I have an opportunity for touring Indonesia, not all the provincies but at least one place in big islands in Indonesia. Jambi, is the only one I have ever visited in Sumatera Island. For Borne Island (Kalimantan), I have visited Balikpapan (just for transit), tarakan, Sebatik Island, and Berau. All of them in East Kalimantan. for Sulawesi is Makassar, Karanrang Island (Pangkep district), Baubau, Kabaena Island, and Batu Atas Island. For Maluku is Ambon, Tual, and several island between the two of them (especially tioor Island). For Nusa Dua is Bali, Sumba, Kupang, and Lembata (Flores). Jayapura is the only one I have ever visited in Papua. And for java, I have visited all the provincies. So it’s been 14  (6 in Java and 8 outside java) out of 34 provincies I have ever visited in 2012. This is really great experience, never thought before that I would visit so many provinces just in one years.


There are many kinds of transportation that drove me to the location either by land, air, and sea. in the land, car is the most transportation I used for drove me to the site. In the air, plane is the only one we can use for transportation. and in the sea, ship, speedboat, and boat accompany me to the site. the smallest boat I have ever ridden has a width that no more than 1 meter for 2 hours travel time from mawasangka to kabaena island. The longest travel time I experience with the transportation is with perintis ship that take 2 days (48 hours) to drove me from ambon to tioor island.


The plane that drove me from kupang to lembata

outside of work, other unexpected things experienced during 2012 is that I can teach again!!! I wrote about that in this post. very delightful even though I must set up a schedule so there are no conflict time with my work. In 2012, I became more frequently go to the bookstore, looking for a good books for me or my little brother and sister. this activity help me cure boredom after work.  In 2012 I have many great experience but it’s not always joyful, sometimes boring, sometimes upsetting, disappointed, and it’s really sad in November 2012 when my father left us from this world.

2012 has end and 2013 has come, welcome 2013!! hope today will be better than yesterday..


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